Lady Gaga Arrives At 2009 VMAs With Kermit The Frog @


In one of the funniest and most unexpected red-carpet entrances of the night, the “Poker Face” singer sauntered up to Radio City Music Hall alongside the most famous of the Muppets. No slouch herself when it comes to outrageous fashion choices, Gaga wore a gold neck brace, gold face mask and black feathers sprouting all over her. Elements of the wardrobe came from designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

While Gaga stepped out of her limo, Kermit decided to chill inside. But before she headed down the carpet, she leaned in and gave the frog a smooch. Kermit was only too happy to return the favor. As of press time, there was no word about Miss Piggy’s response to this new celebrity coupling.

As Gaga stopped on the carpet to chat with MTV News, Kermit flagged her down to make sure she hadn’t forgotten her credentials to get inside Radio City. Then, of course, they took the opportunity to kiss a bit more.

“He’s been a really good date,” Gaga said. “It’s our first date, but we’ve been eyeing each other for a while.”

“We’re just friends!” Kermit claimed.

The red-carpet arrival instantly became another of Gaga’s classic public appearances, joining other times when she’s rocked wacky outfits like skintight pleather pants, crystal-adorned leotards, gladiator-style body armor, S&M masks and Marilyn Monroe-esque blonde wigs.

Gaga then headed inside to get set for her highly secretive performance and to see how many Moonmen she’ll take home after being nominated nine times, including nods for Video of the Year and Best Female Video.


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