Stepfather Movie Review

Thr Ex Husband who had sense not to trust the guy for putting his hand on his younger son.

The crazy stepfather who cant find the perfect family so he kills the family.

The son who just got back from military school and had sense to know there was something wrong with the guy.

The stupid girl friend who kept calling her boyfriend paranoid, she didn’t believe him till she was body slammed by the step father.

The most gullible character in the movie, the mom. She didn’t believe the old lady across the street, her best friend, her son, until her chased her down with a knife.

This movie shows how sometimes women can be too trusting. This guy could have been taken care of if the the women just had of believed the men. The worse part of the movie is when the boys fathers comes over while their playing the video game upstairs. The older son here’s the glass break over his father head. He go’s down stairs and is right there when his own father is being killed but dosent go all the way down into the basement.


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