EXCLUSIVE UCLA Jerk Kings Interview


1. How did you guys get into the jerking dance culture?
– Umm we we’re always dancers but we saw some kids jerking at a party so we just learned it and mastered it and made a youtube video that got 2.5 million views

2. Obviously all of you guys go the UCLA, but how did you meet and start your group?

-Only two ex members of the group go to UCLA but they’re not in the crew anymore, its only BB the jerk, Prophet and Shane O Mac are in the group, and our name stands for You See LA (as you visualize La), and Shane and BB the jerk and I (PROPHET) are best friends and we’ve been making music and stuf for 2 years now but we met dr strokes and Dj Eclektiq at a party and decided to make a youtube video and we didn’t know that it was gonna get that many views, but Dr Strokes and Dj Eclektiq left the group for different reasons.

3. From watching your videos you guys have on a lot of cool outfits. Where do guys do a lot of your shopping at? Brand names, stores, shoes etc.
We do a lot of shopping at hot topic, urban outfitters, hot road, 9 star and stores like the hundreds, diamond, Alife, and supreme in melrose

4. From what I’ve heard a lot of kids out in L.A. have been wearing tight jeans for awhile now. So did jerking sort of come from this style of dressing or was it around before?
-I mean we we’re skaters before jerkin came along so we’ve been wearing skinny jeans but yes jerkin is a movement and a way of life so it has its own fashion style or what we like to call it swaggg.

5. How did jerking start? ,and Do you guys actually know who started the whole thing?
–  Gangsters use to jerk back in the days, but our crew took it and made it to a positive dance. Everyone can do it and it’s healthy and fun at the same time.

6. What’s your favorite thing about jerking?
-That its a positive dance, and it got us fame and its healthy and fun.

7. From seeing the amount of view’s on your YouTube videos you guys seem very popular. I mean does everybody know you guy’s on campus, how do you guys market yourselves?
-Yes def! We are at UCLA a lot and we go to a lot of parties and it seems like everybody knows us now. Prophet is the promoter 1 so he’s the one that does the marketing stuf and promotes the songs and videos.

8. I learned you guys do music as well. Should fans be on the lookout for a mixtape or an Ep?
– Yesss! we are comming out with a mixtape soon as well as an album and 2 music videos soon!

9. Have talent scouts, managing companies, or record labels shown interest in you guys?
-Yhh I mean we’ve been offered a lot of deals from a lot of major labels and stuff and our manager works for Azzoff music management which is the biggest management companies in the world.

10. Overall do you guys feel that jerking will be around for years to come, or will it die out quick? What do you guys think it’s going to take to keep this movement going?
-Yes jerkin will be around for a while there is a lot of haters upthere but we gonna keep jerkin alive, and poeple jerk all over the world now so yhh.


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  1. Y’all should give this guy a call..

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