Egyptologist calls Beyonce Stupid

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Egypt’s chief Egyptologist Zahi Hawass allegedly called Beyonce a “stupid person” during her brief tour of the Giza pyramids last week. Egyptian newspaper journalist Summer al-Gamal said that Hawass became fed up with B after she did not “show the interest Hawass felt was deserved of the pyramids.” He says she was just there to stage some pics:

…During Hawass’ self-guided tour, he said “I showed her the Sphinx and I gave her a book on King Tutankhamen,” but then his anger and frustration made its way to the forefront.

“Then he stopped being diplomatic and said in anger, ’she’s a stupid person and she doesn’t understand a thing and she doesn’t want to understand’,” wrote Gamal.

“She’s coming here to take pictures and that’s it,” Gamal quoted Hawass as saying.

Gamal added that Beyonce did not win over the journalists following her, however, as at least one bodyguard threatened a cameraman with violence if he did not give the pop-star her space. “One of the bodyguards threatened the cameraman, saying he would smash the camera if he continued to film,” Gamal wrote.


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