Angela and Vanessa Simmons do Honey Magazine

Ok, let’s talk about the whole virginity thing.

A: Ok, the whole virginity thing came out because of the breakup I had previously. And on the show, of course, it came up that I was saving myself for marriage. Is it weird that people know that now? Yeah, kind of. Do I care that much? Not really, because it’s not like it’s a bad thing. No, it’s not for everybody.

Everybody doesn’t have to wait because that’s not what they feel their destiny is. But this is what I have to do in order to get a relationship where it’s all good. I just think that when the sex factor is taken out of the relationship, you really get to know a person. Sometimes people jump in headfirst and the person that you’re with never got to know your emotional side. Is it easy? No. I mean, I’m meeting these guys and they’ve been doing whatever they’ve been doing and it’s like, “Are you serious?” Yeah, I’m serious and if you like me enough then you’re going to wait and you’re going to respect me and hopefully you’re not going to cheat because you, as a man, “need” it. I think it’s a good thing. I’m showing a guy that I can wait and hold off and it’s been a whole year and I haven’t even done it. I think it’s an eye opener to some guys.

A lot of little girls do need to know that at 15 and 14-years-old, they don’t need to be doing that. It’s crazy how right-now our society is. All these young girls having all these babies and it’s so sad. I just think that children today are so different than when we were growing up. Honestly,I didn’t kiss anybody till I was in like ninth grade. I got called a prude and I was like, “Geez, I didn’t know it was that serious.”

A: See that, Vanessa’s laughing

V: No, I’m not laughing because mine was later.

A: Well see that, Vanessa’s was later. I just thought it was, you know, normal. I thought it was normal but then you find out for some people it was first grade.

V: First grade? That doesn’t count.

A: It does count! If you kissed somebody, you kissed them.

V: I mean first grade I would get excited and tell if somebody chased me.

A: At the end of the day, I don’t think relationships can be 100 percent private. I can try to duck and hide and pretend I’m not dating someone but I’m a normal person and I’m doing things everyone does. If a relationship that I was in for two years doesn’t work, then it ends. It’s life. How many boyfriends do you really go through before you find your husband? Right now, I’m happy and fine in my relationship. I’m honest about it. I’ve been with him for like a year now and it’s a long-distance relationship so it’s really different. It’s a lot of travelling and a lot of back-and-forth.

On Pastry:

V: When we first came out I remember they said the meanest things: “Oh, what do they know about sneakers?” We kept working, getting better and learning more. Two years later, the list of things that Pastry is about to foray into is freakin’ mind-blowing. We’re reinventing it.

A: We’re re-launching. We had a little clothing out there and now we’re in the middle of remixing and changing it all up. And we have some really cool shoes coming out.

V: We’re just taking it to a place where we’ve always wanted it to be

A: It’s like Pastry redeveloping itself. It’s like a new turnover.

V: Remix.

A: Remix, you wanna say remix – it’s not a song.

V: Yeah, it’s like Pastry remix.

How would you guys change, as far as stepping into a mogul’s shoes and claiming it as your own?

A: That comes with making sure you’re the boss of your own stuff. Making sure you make those calls like “Did you get the approval for this?” or “I didn’t see this yet.” It’s very…

V: …not letting things slip between our hands because it’s our name on it.

A: That’s what you snatched [the recorder] for? To say that? When I’m on a roll, you snatch it from me.

V: You weren’t on a roll, you were stuttering.

A: I was not stuttering, it was coming out!

V: Kidding, I’m kidding.



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  4. Thought provoking post. Very interesting items and have enjoyed immensely.

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