Things that didn’t really matter in 2009!

I just want to talk about all these celebrity stories this year that really didn’t matter. Alot of these main stream magazines are post their top ten of 2009 stories so I want to do my version. Many things happened in 2009 but most of it was just petty stuff, some of it was just a waist of time reporting on. Here’s my version:

Chris Brown and Rihanna

This whole Chris Brown and Rihanna thing is just blow out of proportion. Domestic violence happens every day, check the statistics. Just because these two are celebrities they get plastered all over the news and the general public just eats it all up. Did Ike and Tina Turner even get this much press? When these two get put in the press for domestic violence sure it brings attention to the subject, but what about the domestic violence that was going on before Chris and Rihanna. It should not take a celebrity couple to bring more awareness to domestic violence. I’m just saying think about it.

Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Well, well, well, Taylor Swift and Kanye West. During the 2009 VMA’s Kanye West stormed the stage and stole Taylor Swift’s so called “moment”. Don’t get me wrong he shouldn’t have went on stage and took the microphone from her, but at the same time on this story should not be breaking news or the headline for news stations like CNN or Fox News it’s a waste of news time that they could be using to talk about more important issues. Why am I even surprised that these news stations would even waist time reporting it, most of their news is either silliness or mostly lies that don”t tell the whole story on stories they cover. There are more important things going on in the world. Kanye West is a unpredictable character anyway, I wasn’t surprised when he did what he did. I guess people were mad cause she was 17 and it was her first time wining an award at the VMA”S , and it was her time to shine  or whatever I mean she could have chosen not to give up the microphone.

David Letterman

David Letterman and his scandal revealing that he had sex with staff members. Who cares, thats his business. Don’t put it all over the news and try to make him look bad when this same thing is going on all over the place.  This stuff happens along time ago, but the public loves to see some one in high status fall from grace. He said he was sorry.

Jon and Kate plus Eight

The whole Jon and Kate plus eight divorce was just ridiculous. People file for divorced everyday but just because this family was on TV it just had to be in the news. There was covered heavily by the media, everyday there was something new with the Jon and Kate divorce case. Yea Jon should not have cheated on her and yes every marriage has it’s faults, but every one’s divorce is not put on TV only celebrity divorces are.  Jon and Kate were getting paid for most of those interviews they did on TV anyway. EVeryone was worried about the kids and all the other stuff in the divorce, but what about the next door neighbor who’s getting a divorce, go down to the local divorce court and watch people get divorced but none of those are on TV so people don’t care.


The media did a number onNadya Suleman a.k.a Octomom she was drug through the mud by the media. They tried to take her kids and said she was not able to take care of eight more kids when she already had several kids and that she was taking to many taxes payer’s money. What about all these other people on welfare stealing money too. Maybe she shouldn’t have had eight kids at once, but thats her decision who are we to make comments about her life and situation, thats her right, people should have offered help and not talked about her and made it some big news story. I know she had allot of kids and she was single, but why was she on the news, what about the other single women who have five kids and keep having kids?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods cheats on his wife and the media go’s crazy. Tiger Woods cheating on his wife is wrong but what about the average Joe who does it everyday, he’s not on the news, but just because Tiger woods has all this money and is a celebrity he’s on the news. Woods had this clean image and people never imagined him doing something like this, cheating on his wife with porn stars and other women. People are saying he is a role model and should apologize, people make mistakes. Parents should be the role model for their children and not expect athletes to and put them on these pedestals. They are human just like us. Tiger is also losing sponsors over this ordeal as well. I just think that the media should leave it alone, if they are going to put his scandal out there they should out the average Joe’s scandal on TV too.

Comment and let me know your thoughts.


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  4. I read all of your post and the one that bothered me the most was Kayne West and Taylor Swift. She should have kick him in the balls and threw his butt off the stage. How ignorant can a person be?

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  6. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  7. Many thanks for the well-written article. I appreciate it. You have a very well-done site.

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