Top 15 Reasons Why People Hate Beyoncé

I recently came across an article on the Top 15 Reasons Why People Hate Beyoncé, and it’s pretty interesting, read the article at Clutch Magazine.

Sample from the article :

13) She’s a hypocrite?
She’s a devout Methodist, raised in the church and very strong in her faith, and when speaking out about the criticism towards her raunchy clothing and behavior, she has been quoted in saying, “I honestly believe [God] wants people to celebrate their bodies so long as you don’t compromise your Christianity in the process.” Is that so. Now she’s singing about feeling her Halo …….


5 responses to “Top 15 Reasons Why People Hate Beyoncé

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  3. I just have to say
    And I hate the peaple that don’t like
    and I love CHRIS BROUN

  4. Well I’m a huge fan of beyonce ,brought all her
    Albums, Live videos,Pictures,Unreleased songs
    However, Beyonce is hard-worker and doesn’t need to be hated or jealously amongst her. I feel sorry for you if you hate beyonce .if you hate beyonce , your sitting at watching TV , NOT making your LIFE a success.ITS NOT OVER YET you CAN your LIFE a success

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