Meagan Good in Krave Magazine

“Meagan Good in the newest issue of Krave Magazine where she reveals what movie roles she’d want the most in the future, producing, and the industry. Meagan Good looks very good in this photo shoot, and very elegant as well, not as trashy as some women have been in magazine shoots this year.”

Meagan on her dream role:

“I would really like to do Aaliyah’s life story. I was an am a huge fan of hers and think in a way she was like our Princess Diana. She was classy, beautiful and carried herself with such respect for such a young age.

Meagan on what type of movies she wants to produce:

I’m a very spiritual and non-judgmental person. I want to produce films with spiritual undertones- films that don’t force any issues down your throat or lay judgments on specific situations or roles.

Meagan on being repeatedly mistaken for a “video girl”.

I’ve been in the industry since I was 4 years old. People do often mistake me for a video even though the first video I did was in 2003, 50 Cent’s “21 Questions.” Initially it was just something fun to do and though I did make a few cameos on other videos I decided to not do it anymore. Unfortunately when it comes to films I began to be bowed in as an actress in terms of how people would see me. It’s hard to break out of a market and I’d like to be in all markets.

Source: BrownSista

Photography by Kate sZatmari


2 responses to “Meagan Good in Krave Magazine

  1. Hello,

    I just came across the posting of these images recently shot by me for KRAVE magazine. First I’d like to thank you for your posting and second I’m so pleased to see your comment on her looking elegant and not trashy!! That was my and my stylists main mission!
    I would like to request if I could receive accreditation for the images – Kate sZatmari –

    Thank you,

    Kind Regards,

  2. no prob, sure thing

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