Sweet Rush


Check out the music of the Somalia native sister duo called Sweet Rush. Sisters Iman and Siham Hashi make up the duo, which were raised in Toronto, Canada, but now they reside in Atlanta. The duo is currently signed to Universal Motown working on their album. You might think Sweet Rush? where did the name come from, well in an interview with GIANT they explain:

Where did the name of the group come from?

Siham: Actually, at first it was Suga Rush. And then we found out that there’s a band in Finland with the same name. So we had to change it. We changed it to Sweet Rush.

What do you like about the name?

Iman: When we first came to Atlanta, we had this other name. It was Faith and Arrow. It sounds like a gospel group, I know.

Siham: Her name, Iman, means Faith. And Siham means Arrow. Actually, I was watching TV and a Young Dro video came on, and he was making Kool-Aid and putting a pack of sugar in it. I thought, “Sugar. Sugar Rush.” And then Sweet Rush.

These two sister’s have a very unique sound and I encourage people out there to check em out, and be on the look out for these two in the future.


One response to “Sweet Rush

  1. Keep up what u are doing girls lol

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