Karina and Tiffany Evans

Photoshop by: Silas Vassar III

Karina and Tiffany Evans are both talentent young singers with exceptionally strong voices. I already knew about Tiffany Eavans from her 2007 single “Promise Ring” which had alot of success reaching No.66 of the U.S. R&B charts and is still playing in alot of Ipods today, but I personally didn’t know the talent of Kirina until recently. Her songs titled “Can You handle It” and “Slow Motion” are my favorite tracks from the singer / pianist debut album “First Love”. Karina’s 2008 single “16 @ War” shows is a very strong  diplay of the singers vocal range.

I really enjoy the two singers like many others do also. I find there music to have an individuallity and feeling to it that I just can’t explain, but every music junkie knows what I’m talking about “that sound” , when you know somthing sounds good and is very plaesing to the ear. SO I encourage everyone to continue to listen to these artist alredy released material and be ready for more from these two in the future, because in my opinion their not going anyahere any time soon.

What really draws me to the two singers the most is their similar voices and also their similar facial features as well, more so in the eyes.

Karina’s Twitter & Tiffany’s Twitter


3 responses to “Karina and Tiffany Evans

  1. Karina`s a talented singer and pianist, but I don`t think she has an identity of her own, so I`m uninterested. I`m not really into Tiffany`s brand of bubblegum. No thanks.

  2. They also look identical. Anyone noticing a trend here..?

  3. I think tiffany is the best teen singer she sings up there with B and Jhud….Karina is like a little alicia keys But I agree with taj on her identity.
    Karina is very good and Tiffany is great….good luck to both

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