The Empty Suitcase Project [Part 1]

Words From  Jeremy Manongdo

“This is a project that has been on my heart the past year. A project that’s dear to me and think it could help out the kids in Tanzania in a great way. WITH YOUR HELP! This is a short documentary that I put together with my good friend, Andrew (Andrew Rose Productions), who is an aspiring film maker. “

“I’m leaving for tour in London next week (March 10) and the proceeds of my concert will go directly towards this cause. On March 29, 2010, I will embark on a journey to Africa (Tanzania) with a group I’m in called Project A.”

If you find it in your heart to donate money to the $3000 we’re trying to raise, please click here!!…

For More Information, visit:

to find out everything about our trip to Tanzania this month.

Thank you for taking time to watch and please, spread this video as much as you can!
Thanks and God bless you.

Jeremy Manongdo aka Passion


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