Shia LaBeouf covers GQ for the 2nd time

Shia LaBeouf on the April 2010 cover of GQ Magazine

Photographer: Nathaniel Goldberg

Wool suit, $518, by Club Monaco, Shirt by Spurr. Tie by Band of Outsiders.

On his newfound hobby, trading:

“I trade in my boxers now. I’m up early for the markets. I’m real-time all day long.” He loves the game and the thrill and the nerves of the market; and the market, it seems, loves him right back. As of the morning of our lunch, Shia says his online Schwab Active Trading account had grown to close to $450,000.

On working with Oliver Stone:

“He is a doctor of human manipulation,” Shia says of Oliver Stone. He means it as a compliment. “One of the first things you do with Oliver,” Shia says, “is you start talking about your personal life. You give it all to him at the beginning, and then he has these strings with which he can fuck with you. He regurgitates this stuff at inopportune moments. He will just come up and whisper a phrase in your ear, sing a song, mention something about your dad, and—pow!—it puts you in a different world.”

Check out LaBeof ‘s first run in with GQ from June 2008



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