Street Etiquette: Making Moves

First GQ now Urban Outfitters seems to me these guys are about to make some moves. I think its only a matter of time before these two guys are debuting a clothing line, directing a fashion show, becoming professional stylist for celebrities, etc. If Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs keep it up, Street Etiquette just might become a house hold name.

Check out Street Etiquette in GQ and Urban Outfitters:

Travis: There is no denying that GQ is the magazine for mens style. They have managed to turn a noun into an adjective, something that every lifestyle brand strives for. It’s very fulfilling for us to be given such a momentous opportunity so early in our development. We will continue to build and work hard. Thanks to everyone who showed much love and support when they surprisingly came across us in this magazine. Read more……

Urban Outfitters Interview:

Travis and Joshua discuss their blog, craft, style and more read more here.

Check out shots from behind the scenes @ Street Etiquette

Source: SplitYourWit


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