Street Etiquette: The Double Breasted Blazer

In the latest post from Street Etiquette Joshua Kissi sports a classic double-breasted blazer from Ebay, alog with a J.crew madras shirt, TM Jeans, Dexter Hand-sewn, and a Vintage YSL Briefcase. Kissi said it was the first time he wanted to stray away from the typical navy blue, 5 -6 gold button blazer he so often sees. Kissi says the double-breasted blazer is known for its formality, and he avoided any neck accessories/pocket squares to give it a more casual look, therefore putting his own unique spin on the jacket.

“Ebay can be a mans best friend for thrifting if you have some semblance of patience, and it definitely delivered in this instance.”

-Joshua Kissi

JKISSI : The classic double-breasted blazer, many times considered formal, is a piece that in more recent times some brands have avoided like the plague. For this reason, I have stamped this particular style as one of my favorites should I ever come across one in a suit. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me randomly burst out with sartorial aspirations of possessing my own essential double-breasted suit. Read the rest

Vodpod videos no longer available.


4 responses to “Street Etiquette: The Double Breasted Blazer

  1. heck of a blazer man

  2. Yo Street Etiquette is dope my man

  3. Omg the blazer is hot i love these guys, keep the fashion tips coming

  4. Super awesome read! Honest!

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