Street Etiquette – “Summer Etiquette : The Polo”

Check out the latest post by Street Etiquette as they explain the art of the Polo.

Banana Republic Pima cotton PoloGAP Selvedge Straight Jeans (Tailored) Sebago Black Tasseled Loafers – Vintage YSL Briefcase – Kente Cloth bracelets (Self Made)

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My opinion: This look is very simple but still stylish. Street Etiquette always seems to be able to take nothing and make it into something. From the polo to the shoes it’s a very nice outfit, but I don’t think I could wear my jeans rolled up, at least not that high. There is always great photography from Street Etiquette too, it’s part of the reason I keep going back to the website.

2 responses to “Street Etiquette – “Summer Etiquette : The Polo”

  1. Real talk Aaron! Street Etiquette can make any outfit look like it came off a runway.

  2. Heck yeah they can.

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