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Biden drops F-Bomb On Live TV (VIDEO)

“Lady Controversial”

Weird, crazy, stupid, outrageous, cool, creative, whatever you want to call Lady Gaga’s latest music video “Telephone” featuring Beyonce  there’s no denying it’s very unique on a whole different level. In the last couple of days this video has been buzz of many blogs and caused a lot of heads to turn. As soon as I saw the video I knew that a people would have a problem with it because it’s very controversial. I personally don’t care for Lady Gaga at all or what she sings about, the point is she did go a little far in this video, and I’m not surprised she did. This video is filled with heavy sexual undertones, lesbianism, and violence just to name a few.  These things have been implemented into all of her previous videos as well; this time she just figured how to put a whole arsenal of controversial things into one video.

The video caused such uproar on the web rumors began surface that MTV had banned the video and deemed it inappropriate for its viewers to watch because of its raunchy content reported by and CNN. I came across a post on reporting that MTV executives are denying the rumors.

According to Miss Jia:  It was reported by that bosses at MTV had decided to ban the video because of concerns over its sexual content, as they did with the promo for Madonna’s 1990 hit “Justify My Love.”

However, MTV’s manager of programming, Tuma Basa, has hit back at the reports. In a post on his page, he writes, “The reports are false… the video’s been airing since Friday morning on AMTV.”

Whatever the case is this video has caused a big ruckus, a much deserved ruckus especially with the contents of the video. One has to admit that the video is very bold in what it portrays; it’s just the way that people are receiving it. Some people like it and think it’s a work of art, others think it’s downright disgusting and insane.

People are also shocked a Beyonce’s involvement . . .

People are also shocked a Beyonce’s involvement as well. Beyonce’s says Honey B character from my understanding is supposed to be Lady Gaga’s girlfriend or accompanist throughout the video all the while driving the “Pussy Wagon”. I guess viewers and fans alike where shocked at Beyonce’s lesbian role in the video and from reading several comments on blogs just as many people didn’t care at all. Beyonce’s has been under scrutiny ever since she started her solo career, because she has become more sexual with each album. Her being sexual and wearing the clothes she wears in her music videos seem to contradict with her being of the Christian faith and being brought up in the church. Seeing that many of the things she sings about and the way she dances seem to contradict with the Christian faith and its practices.

But hey, everyone has their own opinion what do you the readers think?


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Tavis Smiley calls Obama’s health reform ‘small change’

Dec. 20, 2009, 5 p.m.Radio/TV host Tavis Smiley today hit President Obama’s apparent looming victory on health care saying that the bill does not go far enough.

“Throughout the campaign, the president promised change,” he said on NBC’s Meet The Press.  “We have change on the horizon here but, unfortunately, it’s small change.  I find myself kind of like John McCain agreeing with Howard Dean, here I am agreeing with my friend Joe Scarborough.”

He continued:

“I think the real winners here are the insurance industry. They’re, they’re the–yeah, they’re the ones who win here.  I mean, you, you, you walk through that list, David, of those points you put up earlier.  The president wanted the public option, the industry said no.  The president wanted to tax their windfall profits, the industry said no.  The president wanted to do a variety of things, the industry pushed back.  And here’s the problem for me.  It’s not just, David, that we’re not getting the kind of health care that we were promised we were going to get, it’s that in the president’s first big fight with a powerful lobby in Washington, the White House lost and they lost big.  And that, I think, portends something very dangerous down the road for all the other issues we have to deal with where lobbies are going to be pushing back on the White House.”

Smiley has been a frequent critique of Obama, who he did not endorse. Obama has also never shown up for a major event held by Smiley.

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Let me know what your thoughts are? Is he right or wrong?

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