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Darien Brockington – “Rain”


The SunStorm is approaching …

+FE Music confirmed a release date for, the amazing instrumental producer  Zo!’s much anticipated Sunstorm project back in March. SunStorm drops July 27th on +FE Music. If SunStorm is anything like his latest EP Just Visiting Too which was released back in November then the wait is worth it.

SunStorm also has an amazing cast of artist lined-up too, Confirmed guests include: Sy SmithEric RobersonYahZarahDarien BrockingtonLady AlmaMonica Blaire,Jesse Boykins IIICarlitta Durand,Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh. If you never heard of any of these artist before I encourage you to go look them up you won’t be disappointed.

Check out Zo!’s website @ MusicalArchitect.com and also checkout Zo!’s Blog & Twitter

Darien Brockington: The Cold Case Files

Coming December 29th

Darien Brockington Website


Ilikevans EXCLUSIVE Interview: Carlitta Durand


Up and coming singer Carlitta Durand who has a very elaborate and unique voice. She is also associated with The Foreign Exchange, NicolayPhonte, Yazarha, Zo!, Darien Brockington, check out all of theses great artist. I refer to them as an example of musical genius. Just pure flowing music that you can feel. Carlitta Durand is also currently on tour with all the people I just mentioned, also check out her mixtape Carlitta’s Way, its an excellent work of art. I encourage you to listen to it.

1. How young were you when you got into singing? Who were some of your musical influences?

Been singing my whole life, started singing gospel first, recorded my first gospel album at 16….everyone from Aaliyah to the gap band, MJ, prince, Chaka Khan, atlantic star, Monica brandy, Mariah, bobby brown…alanis morrisette…a lil bit of everybody

2. I’ve heard your mixtape “Carlitta’s Way” , should listeners be expecting a similar sound from your upcoming album and how is recording for the new album going?

Yes, It’ll be quite similar, got a lil bit more detailed when it comes to arranging and writing…but as far as the sound it’ll be the same..recording is going well, im at the point where im just recording new songs now b/c i want it to be just right

3.I see now that you have been touring with The Foreign Exchange recently, How did you come about this opportunity? How long have you know them?

I’ve been working with Phonte since 2006 so him and Nicolay just asked me to come along since i’ve been working with them anyways on other projects..

4. I had the opportunity to hear “Nights over Egypt” on Zo!’s new EP, How did you guys come together and collaborate on that song?

Everything and everyone is pretty much all intertwined, we all know each other, so its nothing for any one of us just to call up one another if they need some work done…so ZO hit up Phonte, Phonte hit up me and its history from there..

5.What are some things you like to do for fun, what are some of your hobbies?

cook, give massages lol…watch movies, read, laugh, paint, write

6.Tell me about the group Carlitta Durand and the Fat Snacks?

Well fat snacks is my band, whenever i have a gig they play with me…they are awesome BTW

7.At what point did you decide you wanted to sing for a living?

About 3 years ago, can’t see myself working in an office or anything like that..music is the only way

8.Do you song write or play any instruments?

I used to play the piano, wish i would have stuck with my lessons lol..i write music(lyrics)

9.Explain how you connect with music. What draws you to music, how does music make you feel?

Music is my life.music transforms any mood im in….my muse…i love music.

10.Where do you see your career this time next year with the new album and everything?

I see nothing but great things..im blessed…but its all in Gods hands…

11.How do you feel you’ve evolved musically over the years?

I’ve just matured more, my vocal capabilities have strengthened, i am a better writer, i’ve learned A LOT and im still learning…its only gotten better…its true when they say practice makes perfect, i sing everyday and that has definitely  made a difference in my singing skills..