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M.I.A. part of NME Magazine’s 10 Special Edition Covers

Maya Arulpragasam aka M.I.A. said she thoughtGaga was “not progressive”, although admitted that she had talent, in the new special edition 10 star cover for NME Magazine. For all those Rihanna fans, she has a cover on NME too.

M.I.A went on to say about Gaga:

“People say we’re similar, that we both mix all these things in the pot and spit them out differently,” she said, “but she spits it out exactly the same. None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is.”

“She models herself onGrace Jones and Madonna but the music sounds like 20 year-old Ibizadisco. She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic. She sounds more like me than I fucking do! That’s a talent… but she’s the industry’s last stab at making itself important.”

Words from NME Magazine:

“The special covers have been put together to mark the launch of the new NME. The magazine has been completely revamped with new front, features and reviews sections, plus an update for NME‘s iconic logo.”

Also, To celebrate the special edition,Golden Tickets are being hidden in copies of this week’s issue of NME. The five tickets will be hidden across the UK and in issues sent out via subscription


M.I.A. speaks on Lady Gaga

“Very. But it’s not like “Haus of Gaga” (laughs). Me blindfolded with naked men feeding me apples and ….”

is what M.I.A.’s response was to NME’s question in a recent interview. M.I.A. was asked, How important are image and visuals to your music?

M.I.A. goes on to comment about her style and music:

“None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is. She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music, you know? She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic…. That’s a talent and she’s got a great team behind her, but she’s the industry’s last stab at making itself important – saying, ‘You need our money behind you, the endorsements, the stadiums.’ Respect to her, she’s keeping a hundred thousand people in work, but my belief is: Do It Yourself.”

– “In my opinion M.I.A. is right, Lady Gaga goes to far”


“Lady Controversial”

Weird, crazy, stupid, outrageous, cool, creative, whatever you want to call Lady Gaga’s latest music video “Telephone” featuring Beyonce  there’s no denying it’s very unique on a whole different level. In the last couple of days this video has been buzz of many blogs and caused a lot of heads to turn. As soon as I saw the video I knew that a people would have a problem with it because it’s very controversial. I personally don’t care for Lady Gaga at all or what she sings about, the point is she did go a little far in this video, and I’m not surprised she did. This video is filled with heavy sexual undertones, lesbianism, and violence just to name a few.  These things have been implemented into all of her previous videos as well; this time she just figured how to put a whole arsenal of controversial things into one video.

The video caused such uproar on the web rumors began surface that MTV had banned the video and deemed it inappropriate for its viewers to watch because of its raunchy content reported by DailyContributor.com and CNN. I came across a post on MissJia.com reporting that MTV executives are denying the rumors.

According to Miss Jia:  It was reported by CNN.com that bosses at MTV had decided to ban the video because of concerns over its sexual content, as they did with the promo for Madonna’s 1990 hit “Justify My Love.”

However, MTV’s manager of programming, Tuma Basa, has hit back at the reports. In a post on his Twitter.com page, he writes, “The reports are false… the video’s been airing since Friday morning on AMTV.”

Whatever the case is this video has caused a big ruckus, a much deserved ruckus especially with the contents of the video. One has to admit that the video is very bold in what it portrays; it’s just the way that people are receiving it. Some people like it and think it’s a work of art, others think it’s downright disgusting and insane.

People are also shocked a Beyonce’s involvement . . .

People are also shocked a Beyonce’s involvement as well. Beyonce’s says Honey B character from my understanding is supposed to be Lady Gaga’s girlfriend or accompanist throughout the video all the while driving the “Pussy Wagon”. I guess viewers and fans alike where shocked at Beyonce’s lesbian role in the video and from reading several comments on blogs just as many people didn’t care at all. Beyonce’s has been under scrutiny ever since she started her solo career, because she has become more sexual with each album. Her being sexual and wearing the clothes she wears in her music videos seem to contradict with her being of the Christian faith and being brought up in the church. Seeing that many of the things she sings about and the way she dances seem to contradict with the Christian faith and its practices.

But hey, everyone has their own opinion what do you the readers think?


Miss Jia link:   http://missjia.com/mtv-denies-gagabey-ban.html

Daily Contributor link:  http://dailycontributor.com/lady-gagas-telephone-video-banned-by-mtv/12729/

MTV LINK:  http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1633913/20100315/lady_gaga.jhtml

CNN LINK via Mediaite.com:  http://videos.mediaite.com/video/MTV-Bans-Lady-Gaga-and-Beyonces

Photo Source:  http://popbytes.com/archive/2009/11/lady_gaga_beyonce_telephone_listen.shtml

Lady Gaga Arrives At 2009 VMAs With Kermit The Frog @ mtv.com


In one of the funniest and most unexpected red-carpet entrances of the night, the “Poker Face” singer sauntered up to Radio City Music Hall alongside the most famous of the Muppets. No slouch herself when it comes to outrageous fashion choices, Gaga wore a gold neck brace, gold face mask and black feathers sprouting all over her. Elements of the wardrobe came from designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

While Gaga stepped out of her limo, Kermit decided to chill inside. But before she headed down the carpet, she leaned in and gave the frog a smooch. Kermit was only too happy to return the favor. As of press time, there was no word about Miss Piggy’s response to this new celebrity coupling.

As Gaga stopped on the carpet to chat with MTV News, Kermit flagged her down to make sure she hadn’t forgotten her credentials to get inside Radio City. Then, of course, they took the opportunity to kiss a bit more.

“He’s been a really good date,” Gaga said. “It’s our first date, but we’ve been eyeing each other for a while.”

“We’re just friends!” Kermit claimed.

The red-carpet arrival instantly became another of Gaga’s classic public appearances, joining other times when she’s rocked wacky outfits like skintight pleather pants, crystal-adorned leotards, gladiator-style body armor, S&M masks and Marilyn Monroe-esque blonde wigs.

Gaga then headed inside to get set for her highly secretive performance and to see how many Moonmen she’ll take home after being nominated nine times, including nods for Video of the Year and Best Female Video.





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